Why does no one on this forum ever reply to the peoples request please?

I have seen a lot of questions and they have been unanswered for months on end.

I love this game, but want to no why I can't play for more than 20 mins a time, and 20 mins is pushing it....

I want to continue to play but i think you have to use far to many energies to play. You can't even get through one crime scene ... unless you move up levels and then you still can't finish it, and have noticed you put the energy up when you move up levels but the energy also seems to go up every time you click on a box.

The money, and leveling up is good though, just the high usage of energy needs to change BIG TIME!

I think the energy needs bringing down a lot, please sort this, I don't want to have to give the game up because I can't play on it long enough to enjoy!!

Hope something is sorted out soon!!