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    BA2 crashes at the middle of the mission 1


    On my computer, blazing angels II crashes at the first mission. The first part of the mission (challenge) runs correctly, but when the fighting versus the BF110 starts, the game crashes and freeze my computer with a blank screen (no error message). I tried 3 or 4 times, and the behavior of the software is exactly the same.

    My configuration is based on win XP, 2Gb RAM, an integrated graphic chipset ATI x1250, and a game with the lowest detail and graphic options as possible. The version is 1.01, the patch 1.02 does not seem to be installable (does not recognize the current installed version of BAII).

    Thank you for helping !
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    Hi, please contact technical support, the link s in my signature.
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    i am sorry ,but i really can't help you !because i can not understand what you said ! you can ask someone who know it for help ! or you can go to repair it

    good luck to you !
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