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    NEW INSTALL: Audio is good, but no vidoe...

    Just got "Cliffs of Dover". When I launch it, all goes well until I hit "FLY", at which point the game goes away and I'm left looking at my Wallpaper. I can hear the audio, and there's a small, pale blue rectangle in the upper left corner saying "IL-2 Sturmovik, Cliffs...". But that's it. I can see in the bottom tool bar that "Cliffs..." is running. What am I overlooking? And...does this happen to anyone else?
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    Hi, is your install a 'steam' version or a retail disc? Do you have the latest patches? is your video card up to the job (with the latest drivers) of displaying this game? I managed after about an hour to get the game to play correctly.... but it is hungry for resources .......... i would also check your DirectX version and settings.Hope this helps,,,if your systems good then I will try and help you dig deeper.
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    Here's my System Specs.:
    Intel® Core™ 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz 2.83GHz / 8.00Gb RAM / NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

    And here's a bit of advice I got from a fellow member at the Over Flanders Fields Forum:
    Since the game was originally meant to be played with Steam (I'm assuming it still is) may I ask if you have verified the game cache? In Steam library r-clic the games title, select properties, then select local files, clic verify cache. Steam automatically applies patches if you've allowed that.
    I've done that. I also downloaded Driver Detective and run it and my machine says "Device Driver Software Installed successfully", so I think I'm up to speed there.

    Is it a "Steam" version or a Retail Disc? Don't know for sure. I bought it through Amazon. The box cover says (in the upper left corner) PC DVD ONLINE. The install put the Steam program and icon on my machine and I've created a Steam Account.
    Is there anything else I can tell you?
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    Just got back from "Options" where I turned off "Full Screen" and set Level of Detail to "Very Low". Now, when I try to fly, I still hear the sound and the game window does not disappear but it's solid black. I guess that's progress of some sort.
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    Your GF9500GT video card is inadequate. From http://ubisoft-en.custhelp.com/app/a..._id/14550/p/88 :

    ATI® 4850/4870/5830/5850/5770/5870/6870/6950/6970
    NVidia®: 8800/9800/250/260/275/285/460/465/470/480
    A new video card from the above list will make it playable, though the cards at the left end of the list will need settings turned right down.
    Fiddling with settings for your current card might get video but is unlikely to get playable performance even at the lowest settings.
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    Thanks Tully. I'll check with my computer-tech guy and see.
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    And the news is good. He agrees. So I'm off to get a new card. Thanks, again.
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