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    green bar


    I have IL21946 version 4.11m with applied hotfix, all running fine under windows 7 on Asus Z68, I7 2600K core and MSI gtx590, but all the time as soon as game starts up there is this anoying vertical green bar on the left side of the screen from top to bottom, about 3 cm wide filled up with constant moving green like a display or upload bar beside this bar there is a small static green square of 2cm . OK tried to get rid of this bar but up to now to no succes, anybody now what this bar is ? iL2 clod does not display it. Is this something from Win 7? Any help much appreciated .
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    may be it will help to post a picture of this bar. I cannot imagine I' am the only one with this bar image display.. This annoying green bar also displays in ROF in the same way as it does in Il246 but not in any other game or program...
    The bar is a few centimetres beside the left vertical side of the screen . Could it be my vid card software or my samsung screen ?
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    From the sound of it, it is almost certainly a problem with your graphics hardware. That appears to me like classic symptoms of overheating. I'd check the temperature it is running at, and ensure that the card is free of dust, and the fans are all working. As for why it does it in IL-2 '46 and RoF, but not CloD, I'd see if in is the graphics settings. Perhaps you are running CloD with V-sync on, and with it off in '46 and RoF? Are you running all three at the native resolution of your monitor? I'd expect under similar conditions that CloD would put the greatest load on the hardware, which makes me suspect that something must be different.
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    You have "show sli indicater"enabled in the Video card. It's under "settings" in the set physx box. The GTX 590 is a dual card that runs in SLI.
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    Hi, Eslik

    Thanks for the reply. this was the problem . I had "show sli indicator enabled" after disabling it, the green bar is gone. super, thanks a lot !
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