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    I know I'm not the only one that hate's my login name...

    I'm not sure I've ever cared strongly enough about a game issue or developer/publisher systems issue to make a forum post about it, but honestly UBI, not being able to change login name, or at the very least set up a separate in game name is pretty ridiculous.

    I have no idea how long ago I created this account, but it was long ago, and it was chosen (settled on really, not a fan of it), because I knew I would NOT have to use it in whatever game I was registering for at the time (GRAW or RS:V maybe?). Much to my dismay, upon playing ACB multiplayer, I discover I am forced to use it. Make people choose a unique ACCOUNT name, that's a must (or use emails, those are required anyway). Make people choose unique IN GAME names if you want, that would be acceptable. But for god's sake don't ask for an account name 3-4 years ago, then make it an unchangeable in-game name now. Many of us love your games. I've seen this complaint before, reciprocate some love, please. This is NOT a hard change. If it is, there is something drastically wrong with your UPlay backend design.

    If this has been beaten to death, sorry. If it has been addressed, I'm sorry, but I've searched around quite a bit, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

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    You´re preaching....but apparently no one from Ubisoft of any importance and/or competence is listening.

    This has been brought up numerous times before, with pathetic results to show for it.

    My own account name was chosen in a moment of great irritation, over having to create yet another "online identity" simply to play a game that I had bought. Imagine my consternation when I first launched HOMM VI only to see that this pointless online identity had become my ingame name.

    Since then, I periodically (about once a week) check this forum to see if something has happened, however my faith in Ubisoft was already small to begin with and after this it´s pretty much nonexistent. I haven´t played HOMM VI yet and unless I resort to piracy, I doubt I ever will...
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    I am the forum software that Ubisoft is running and I approve of this message.
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    sorry but maybe you should have put some actual thought into what nickname you wanted in the first place?
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    I didn't get to chose the first time around. My username ended up as my full name. Really? I think I may have used facebook to login. A wee bit ridiculous.
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    Totally. Now wonder Ghost Recon took so long when Ubi can't even properly develop a normal account setup process.
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    I didn't get to chose the first time around.
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