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    PoP Classic for iOS - Is it still planned for release or not?

    Not sure if anyone else on here is aware of this, but last year in December another PoP game was released on iTunes: a portable edition of Prince of Persia Classic for iOS. Just to clear things up, I'm not referring to the version of the original game that is already up there, but the remake with graphics and gameplay more akin to Sands of Time which was originally released on 360 and PS3.

    Here's the game's official Ubisoft page to show that it does exist

    And if you need any further proof, here's a video of the game running:

    I was planning to get it at Christmas, but then I found out that it had been pulled from the App Store because it wasn't compatible with iPod touch, and a lot of glitches hadn't been ironed out. What I want to know is whether the game is still being planned for release anytime soon, and if any work is being done to fix its bugs and compatibility issues with other devices besides the iPhone 4S. It'd save me a lot of frustration to know whether or not it's still coming, instead of having to keep logging onto the App Store every day only to find it isn't there
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    Haven't heard any news about it, sorry.
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