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    Better user manual

    Hi all,

    Although I like the potential of YSFE 2012 - I'm amazed that the manual is completely silent about some really important things.

    Like the blue flags!

    Its sort of important that the player knows what they are, yet I had to ask in a forum!

    Is there a better user manual out there that explains the game features? Like the numbers in the stopwatch shape?
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    The numbers in the stopwatch shapes are the duration of the workout session. However on Run the World it is only an estimate because the time it takes to finished each race depends on how fast you run.

    I think that over the last several years that software companies (including game companies) have tended not to spend a lot of time, effort and therefore money onto publishing detailed user manuals. This is largely because they found that few people actually read them. They, instead, provide online FAQs and forums when people need help figuring things out. Often you can get better insight into how something works from fellow users who have had similar experiences with the product than from a static manual.
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    That would be fine, if the software was intuitive, but this interface confuses me big time... it seems so directionless.

    Speaking of timings... my workout schedule calls for 3 x 30 minute workouts per week for 4 weeks

    I've now done two sessions, of which even the last series of exercises in the last workout lasted about 10 minutes - yet when I look at the total exercise time in the progress (or is it goals?) section, it says I've done a mere 13 minutes of exercise total in 2 sessions *combined*!

    What the?

    Can someone explain how on earth the timing works? I can accept that it should only time the time you are actively exercising and not all of the exercise chosing and description.. but there is no way that I only did 13 minutes.

    Shouldnt it tell me in some way when my 30 minutes is up? At this rate, I'm never going to finish even a single workout, because at this rate to get a mere 30 minutes of exercise in Ubisoft time, it would take me around 6 hours in front of the TV!
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    I posted this in another thread...

    Once you've set yourself a goal certain exercises will be marked with a blue flag. If you move across the main screen through the Activities, Workouts, and Classes you should see these. For example, you may see a blue flag next to "Abs" in the Workout section. However, when you select "Abs" you will see that certain exercises within that area have blue flags. You must complete those designated exercises for it to count against your goal. In other words, it is not sufficient to select an Activity, Workout, Class marked with a blue flag, you need to select the designated exercises within those areas which have blue flags.
    I should also point out that the 3x30 minutes each week (for 4 weeks) is only a recommendation. The real goal is a total of 3x30x4 = 360 minutes of exercising. So it doesn't matter if you do this in one sitting, 3x30 sessions for 4 weeks, or 1 minute a day for 360 days (if a 1 minute exercise existed).
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    Ahhh... I see...

    Thanks for that explanation.
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    Originally Posted by LankyObject7 Go to original post
    That would be fine, if the software was intuitive, but this interface confuses me big time...
    I know that not everyone sees things in the same way but I found this version of YSFE 2012 to be very intuitive from the first moment I stuck the game DVD into my console drawer.

    I'm glad Euler_13 was able to give you such a great answer.
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