Thread: partners to play SCC NO STEAM!!! alguien para jugar coop, a traves de ubi - garcha | Forums

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    partners to play SCC NO STEAM!!! alguien para jugar coop, a traves de ubi - garcha

    hello, I want to play coop but not by steam, someone tell me how to add friends or organize a game through ubisoft because / match is not working and will continue in this way, thanks to Ubisoft and their lack of professionalism .
    someone to teach me how to play this game coop, through legal channels and non-steam please. I am from Argentina, sorry for the writing

    hola , quiero jugar coop pero no por steam, alguien que me diga como agregar amigos o como organizar una partida a traves de ubisoft , ya que no funciona y seguira de esta forma, thanks to ubisoft y su falta de profesionalismo.
    alguien que me enseñe como jugar este juego coop, a traves de las vias legales y que no sean de steam please. I am from argentina , disculpen for the escritura
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    Hello eltopodavid... don't waste your time at it is the most useless website I have ever visited. Whoever designed that website should be ashamed of themselves... it's pathetic to say the least. Anyhow, to add friends in Splinter Cell Conviction go to Splinter Cell Conviction/Friends/Add Freinds and type the username of the player you want to add... this will send an "invite" to the other player. Keep in mind that the other player has to accept your "invite" in-order for you and that player to become friends. Conversely, other players can "invite" you to become friends as-well. To find players go to Splinter Cell Conviction/Coop & Multiplayer/Find Match... set-up a game the way you wish and "Click To Start Matchmaking" or invite someone from your "Friends" list (assuming you have friends in your list).

    If you are having difficulty finding players when you "Click To Start Matchmaking", it could be because your Splinter Cell Conviction ports in Router and Firewall are closed... please read this:

    You can find players here on the Ubisoft Forum as-well... here is the link:!.

    Good luck.
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