Hello. After few months of not playing the game i decided to play some hot seat heroes 6 with my bro. We didn't take the game seriously in the first place. The game was pretty funny and i enjoyed it alot ( mostly couse of imbas and bugs adn funny things that happened releated to this). We played no dynasty weapons no bonuses hard settings. On one side me playing the might Inferno doing the best i can to clear my ore pit and lumber, on the other side he the Necro clearing all on map with just a few ghouls and ghosts We encountered wanishing heroes and buildings that were already built. He was forced to build fort 2 times lol . But the biggest surprise was when the AI came to me and i hide in my castle to defend. When the AI turn came i just.. Lost. I couldn't even fight couse i don't know. He came took my castle and thats it i Lost. I didnt even saw my fight. Btw no autobatlle was set on Thanks for a good game Ubi. gg But i will not play hot seat or even heroes again