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    Well I have not been able to reach the 50.0 & 57 Manifold pressure readings shown on the pdf noted above. Either I am doing something wrong or 4.11 settings for P39 is not modeled on said information.
    I will try it again tonight but doubt I will get it any closer. If anyone out there has been able to operate it at the limits shown I would like to know. That way I would know its the pilot not the plane that's the problem.
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    max seems to be 41" for manifold pressure in il2, and 3000rpm.

    quite possible this could be because the p39 in game is moddeled with lower octane fuel, to the handbook settings posted.
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    Yup, that seems to be what I am getting as well. So factory stats are of limited use, we need IL2 flying stats.
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