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    Originally Posted by shobhit7777777 Go to original post


    Dues Ex will END your life outside the PC. Seriously bro...only play it if you have a COMPLETE weekend off...with no heavy duty work/study the week after. Even the smallest things will hook you in...I spent 3..yes 3 hours JUST shooting people in the head with a silenced pistol as part of a super fast aggro stealth playthrough.

    DE3 should be blue-print for SC6. It beautifully merges Conviction's aggro-stealth gameplay (sandbox maps, sharp AI, action-stealth loop, overwhelming numbers) and Old school stealth classics (Hacking, Complete LTL options, ability to ghost through levels, distractions, intelligence based missions, gathering keycodes, listening in on conversations, exploration etc.)

    If it weren't for Steam's I-don't-give-a-****-I'll-do-whatever-I-want update feature (which I did not realise I had to turn off) I could have been playing it..but now I am stuck with a massive download...on internet speeds which are not really high.
    I have 3 days off before I am back to college, think I am gonna make it ?!, or will I end up skipping college ?!
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    The kids argument is flawed. By all recent reports males age 30 + make up the majority of gamers. The average age of a gamer is 30+ and of the total number of gamers of all ages 60 percent are male and 40 percent are female. They need to listen to us and make the game we want.
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