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    Old Clans

    Hi , if any of you still remember me... I'm Danne , one of the former memebers of clan WEC and GFE. I am wondering are the old clans still active on fc2? =1139= , TAW , J&S , WAT , etc... It would be great if they were still active because ive got friends in some of them with whom i haven't played for a while.

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    Hey, I don't know you but some of us (=WaT=) are still active.
    Do you have Xfire?

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    TAW is also active. You can apply from if you would like to join...

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    My xfire is dannebrog211 , nameless im not into joining clans atm =)
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    I added you There are also some J&S and =1139= people still being around.
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    Hi Danne, you can also join the Far Cry 3 Group on xfire ;-), ( click on "Join Us" ****on ).

    Bye bye...
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    Thanks coco , I've already joined that group ages ago I will always be a FarCry player. I have some problems with my game atm so i won't be playing mp.
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    GCT still alive

    well - some from GCT are still playing once in a while ...
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    I think a couple wgc| guys still play.

    Looking over the stats for the last month on our FC2 server, wgc3, I see 2 of us playing.

    I and 60 or 70 of my FC2 friends now play BF3 instead.

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    Myrmidons still alive and ready for FC3
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