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    Silent Hunter Diving Bug

    Everytime i dive in silent hunter 5 to 35 meters my sub breaks and dies, i dont know if this is ment to happen beacuse you can crash dive to 70 meters to survive but i cant get that far any, mods or help with this annoying bug will be good
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    welcome chazychap ,

    you have that problem always and everywhere ?
    you sub breaks and dies Everytime you dive to 35 meters is not normal.
    the problem is you submarine can dive to (max - 35 depth)
    a bug ? I'm not sure. you need to see if there are no mines . you are sailing in shallow waters ? You have mods installed ?
    if you have mods installed then the problem is to the settings of your submarine .
    if I have always that problem , the best thing I would do is reinstall my sh-5 again .

    Good Luck
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    I dont use any mods, i also have just reinstalled the game . i would not know how to judge the depth of the water but i am about half way between irleand and america in the atlantic. and does the basic sub die at 35 meters because that is what i am using
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    You are almost in the middle of the atlantic? . it's deep to - 1000 meters .
    an example to know the depth .
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    Kenny r u ******ed?
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