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    I've come to the conclusion that every session has basically the same thing,

    no matter what it says it targets.

    Arms? Try some kind of lunge punch kick combo. Back? Let's do a lunge punch kick combo. Legs you say? The lunge punch kick combo is perfect....

    While it is true that the lunge punch kick combo will work all of those, the reason I'm picking targeted sessions is because I'm so sore I can hardly walk and my knees are threatening to go on strike. I wanted to workout an area that wasn't sore and leave the other areas alone for a bit. When they say they target that area, they DON'T mean they avoid other areas... I just found myself being told to do jumping jacks and because I either hate myself or I'm too stubborn to give in to the game, I did them.

    Some possible solutions - to actually have different exercises that only target those areas on those workouts - to have an 'injury' section on the profile to state things that should not be included in your workouts - or to have the workouts accurately list ALL the areas they workout, not just the one that is most targeted. I'm sure there are other ideas - those are just the ones I came up with while crawling up the stairs to shower.
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    It's true that a lot of the same exercises do show up in the various workout catagories.

    However, I think if you look at the "100%" sections of the Arms, ABS and Back catagories you will find that they are all either floor exersices or ones that are done with weights - as opposed to the more active jumping about exercises found in the "Shape & Burn" sections of those catagories. I don't at the moment recall if this is also the case with the Legs and Gluts catagories, but I'm reasonably certain it will be something similar.
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    That's good to know - but I can't do anything that isn't flagged or my objective won't be met and my objective only flagged the shape and burn sections. Perhaps they should consider that if someone answers that they are pretty much a couch potatoe and they need to lose weight - they might not be physically ready to take on the knee-intensive workouts just yet. Back to wishing that I could just make an objective to workout 30 mintues per day and workout with any session that I choose.
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    I thought I read in one of the other threads that you had decided not to do the objectives any longer. Perhaps I misunderstood.

    I think the objectives are probably set up to give you the most active workouts if you indicate that weight loss in your goal since they would tend to burn the most calories. It's important to realize that the "decisions" made by the objectives are from simple linear programing .

    Given that you are - it appears to me - an independent minded person who likes to figure things out for themself, I think you might be happier with YSFE 2012 if you just dropped the objectives and went on your own merry way. I tried out one objective when I first started with YSFE 2012 just to see how it would work and after completing it decided that they didn't benefit me in any way. One size (or even a few sizes) does not fit all
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    Heh - I did - but I also said I wanted to finish one off just to see what it does. So I have that first initial one that I'm going to toe the line for the game rules to get it finished but yet - I have no intention of creating any more.. at least not until they allow me to create my own objectives. Too bad though - while I like to go my own way, I love a 'well done' comment even if it is from a computer that was just set with a goal by myself as much as the next person.

    I know that the decisions are from programming - I spent plenty of time in artificial intelligence programming classes in college. I don't think they were very well thought out by the programmers though - perhaps not many of them have started out as 'couch potatoes'.

    Anyway, I have not turned on the Xbox since yesterday as I'm trying to back off for a bit - but when I do I will use your advice. Thanks
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