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    Ahyoheek Card Deck

    The game of Ahyoheek as portrayed in MYST Online: URU Live is an enjoyable game that has become a strong bond shared by the MYST community. Shortly after learning of the game, my cousin and I began playing games of Ahyoheek using a deck of standard playing cards, where the different suits represented beetles, pens, or pages. For his Christmas gift this year, I decided to use an online site called The Game Crafter to create a customized deck of Ahyoheek cards for him. He loves the appearance of the MYST series of games as much as he does the gameplay, so I worked hard to make sure that the graphics on these cards were worthy of representing the rich art of the D'ni culture and MYST games.

    I created the graphics myself, all on the computer- right down to the paper texture and custom photoshop brushes for a hand-inked look.

    From left to right, this image displays the design for the back of the cards, and the page, beetle, and pen cards.

    After a short wait for Cyan Worlds' legal department, I was informed that I could make these available to the community for a limited time. They can be found here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/ahyoheek

    I hope you enjoy them!
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    Wow! Very nice! You're quite an artist.
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    Nice cards, cool design. I can see D'n kids playing this all hours.

    just to bad the shipping costs are almost as high as the gameprice. Would have loved to buy a set.
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