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    Need chaos theory's multiplayer again, I just want to drop a giant box on somebody and/or trap them in an aquarium!
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    i support this. If anyone wants to play on XBC, add me: Kwil
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    Rally the troops

    I support this 100%, actually this account speaks for me and my brother and was created solely for the purpose of supporting this cause. We would buy two copies of a full priced game (one per brother) which faithfully recaptures SCCT and SCPT competitive multiplayer. Best case scenerio: updated graphics, new maps in addition to old maps, bug fixes, original gameplay intact. Acceptable alternative: all old maps (CT and PT), no changes to gameplay. I think that it's true though that, if we make Ubi realize this is profitable, they will act but this thread has to generate hits, replies, likes, etc. (...take back Splinter Cell anyone? the community can make a difference.)
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    Hello everyone, If you are reading this then you are probably one of the many Xbox live users who believes that Chaos Theory was great multiplayer experience that should not have been stripped away from us. Additionally, you might also feel jilted that Microsoft no longer supports online servers for original Xbox titles while still selling them on the Xbox marketplace.

    The solution to this is to continue to play this game using other methods. As mentioned above KW7 recommends using XBConnect. XBConnect allows us to once again create a community of Splinter Cell players like we did in the past. While XBC is somewhat complicated to start up, the forum topics on the XBC site are helpful in troubleshooting any problems that may come up. I got the system running within an hour.

    If you have any problems with XBC; the XBC moderators will quickly reply to any questions and concerns.

    Also if you are reading this and you haven’t posted on this thread get an account and post. The only way to bring back the splinter cell legacy is to make some noise.

    XBC user name- darkbrothers.
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    Well constructed thread. I would like the Pandora Tomorrow / Chaos Theory single player AND multiplayer gameplay back. I saw nothing wrong with that. The only thing I would like to keep would be the mark and execute in single player. But THAT'S it. I don't know why they strayed so far from how the game used to be. Chaos Theory is my favorite Splinter Cell game, followed by Pandora Tomorrow. DA's multiplayer killed it for me, and Conviction lacked multiplayer and the old style gameplay. Don't know what is going through Ubisoft's brain, but they're disappointing to the fullest.
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    why cant they just bring back the xbox servers and let us play in peace, hell i would pay a monthly fee of like $5 just to play spy vs merc again
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    I concur wholeheartedly. It was easily one of the best multiplayer games I've ever had the fortune to play. I would fall head over heels if Ubisoft actually manages to bring spies vs. mercs back without ruining it. Ubisoft has, unfortunately, been ruining their games as of late, particularly Splinter Cell. Quite frankly, I've had enough and I know I'm not the only one. I saw the single player demo and scoffed at how bad it looked and basically threw it onto my "never buy this" list. However, if Spies vs. Mercs make a (good) comeback, Ubi can definitely change my mind even if the single player is awful....
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