Hi! I am just giving you guys at UBISOFT heads up. I just sent a request for autographs of as many people that went into the making of Chessmaster 10th Edition as possible. If you cannot reply for any reason - please do not worry about it. I am begging you for autographs!hehe Whether it be Josh Waitzkin, Judith Polgar, or any other players... that is fine. Even if it is just the people who work at UBISOFT - I am happy with that too. You know what they say - beggers can't be choosers.hehe

Here is my situation... I am poor. So I went and purchased a used copy of Chessmaster 10th Edition on eBay for around $8 if I am not mistaken. I got both the 2004 XBOX classic version as well as the 2004 PC version. I kind of the messed up the jewel case for both of them so I am using a makeshift one from music CDs that I have. It is not the original so that is what I am sad about. I do have a backup of the software just in case of flood however I never give it out to anyone because that would mean that my version would no longer be valid.

Anyways - I appreciate this game so much that I made 3 backups just in case of fire, worn disc, etcetera!haha The thing is that the back discs do not look as beautiful as the original.

I addressed it using my account name. The registration address on the official card that came with the game might be outdated so I hope it gets there to you.