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    Any chance for Might & Magic remakes?

    It would be wonderful if Ubisoft remakes the classic M&M games, at least the best known, such as World of Xeen or Mandate of Heaven. No need to make them 3D nor change the gameplay, just improve the drawings, add better resolutions and all that stuff. A 1:1 reproduction with nice graphics, this would be marvellous.
    Since Beyond Good & Evil, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and TMNT have been "updated" to current times, why not the M&M saga? No current game offers what M&M does.
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    I nearly finished World of Xeen back in the day, got stuck somewhere, but did finish MM6: Mandate of Heaven. It would be a blast playing them again with updated graphics. With so many classic games going to iOS, I could easily see these translated there too.
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