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    The Settlers 3 Trees wont grow

    Hi, i'm getting real annoyed with this. I'm in the middle of playing a map and find that my trees aren't growing. I know what it is, its the fact that ubi broke the game and never set it up so trees you plant grow. I was wondering does anyone have a website where i can get the growing trees patch. i can't seem to find it
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    pennyuk's Avatar Settlers Moderator
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    There is no such patch to make the trees grow.
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    the trees always regrew for me.

    and for once, I don't think ubi are to blame, if my memory serves me correctly, S3 was released before ubisoft acquired blue byte.
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    Hi Penny.

    Please can you tell me where to find the S3 patch that used to be linked from this forum?
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