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    Clear, widespread and game-crippling bug on Pirate's Treasure level (DO NOT IGNORE)

    I've sent a gameplay error report to Ubisoft customer support (http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/acco...l/i_id/1396585) and they gave me a canned, completely unrelated answer because Ubisoft support is utter garbage. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that SOMEONE that can get this message to QA or to the people in charge of patching bugs in games.

    The level "Pirate's Treasure" in Rayman Origins is brokenly and fatally glitched. This problem is crippling and many, many people have had it. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed at this point, but I'm going to hope that Ubisoft Support can take care of it.

    That's what happens when the glitch happens.

    That's what happens when the glitch doesn't happen.

    As you can see this is quite obviously a mistake and not simply a deliberate part of the level design.

    Here is proof of how widespread this problem is: entering "rayman origins pi" into google will give "rayman origins pirates treasure glitch" as its second autocomplete. That means a considerable number of people have search for solutions on how to solve this problem. I have confirmed that this problem occurs on both the PS3 and 360 versions; I assume it would happen on the Wii version as well, but you can't very easily patch on that system.

    I'm looking forward to a prompt patch to fix this issue.
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    It happened to me one time, but never again afterwards.

    Taking it slow in the walljump part seems to be a workaround. I usually hover right after the final jump, that seems to compensate it for me.

    And don't bother with Ubisoft's customer support website, they usually give those kind of answers even though I assume they read the questions, so it's not a bad thing either.

    This glitch is not game-breaking, but it could be annoying especially while co-opping, so the best you could do is report and hope for a patch, which you did.
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    I have reported what you have found, however I can't make any promises.

    If I get news, I will post back.

    I do suggest you reply to the support ticket with the above info, the first contact from them is sometimes a basic one, or an FAQ - you need to reply if you have not already.
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    I've heard several solutions for this problem, either go faster, go slower, don't use spin attacks, don't hold directions while wall jumping... so far, nothing has worked.

    Thanks a whole lot for helping though! I really appreciate it.
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    I hope that issue will not be on the upcoming PC version. Its so annoying. We want to be able to go to the Land of the Livid Dead dont we.
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    Same thing is happening to me every time. Thanks for looking into it!
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    Same thing had me raging i finaly got it but its deff bugged
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    Getting the same bug, and none of the rumored solutions work. I guess I'll just have to move on in the game and come back later hoping the stage works, but it's shameful that Ubisoft can't seem to be bothered to fix it. Anyone else who has this bug should also submit it via their support center. Who knows, maybe somebody will care.
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    I finally beat it. For anyone else who has this problem, getting up the masts as quickly as possible worked for me. Some say going slower works, but I've replayed the level four times now and can consistently complete it by zipping up those masts and always get screen-killed if I purposefully delay any of those wall jumps in the slightest. I don't know if this is a bug or just a poorly designed part of the game. Either way, they should fix it or give the player better feedback as to what is going wrong. It's been the only bad experience I've had in an otherwise amazing and delightful game.
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    ubisoft and their never fixed games
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