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    Unfortunately, I stopped some time ago to write down the exercises per session. But I always start with 6 to 12 rounds of wall breaker for warming up, carrying hand weights, ankle weights and a weight belt to make the warm up and the training of my arm and back muscles more effective. Hard exercises follow for about half an hour to three quarters of an hour. The session ends with a zen or yoga exercise and subsequent cool-down. Sometimes I do more, for example an additional dance excercise, sometimes less.
    @NanoParticle aka AuntieParticle
    You are right. The basic consumption for men and women is actually different. In the calorie charts of different sources, the differences vary greatly. Unity, however, is that women have a lower base consumption than men. This is due to the fact that the skeletal muscle percentage of men is generally higher than for women. Often women have a better coordination of muscle movements, so their handling of the energy resources is more economical.
    I tested some time ago, which influence the size and weight specifications have to calories count. The size has practically no effect but the weight has a significant impact. Tonight i'll test the effect of gender. Maybe I'll get interesting results.
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    Well there is why you are burning so much in the game - wall breaker will give you the max calorie burn per minute of anything else I've tried. You do 12 rounds of wall breaker and you're going to pile up 300 calories easily in 24 minutes.
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    I agree, ghotisticks74. Some of those "starter" Activities like Stomp or Wall Breaker can deliver disproportionately high calorie counts compared with the more gruelling and intensive Workouts.

    I've just looked at my most recent five sessions during which I burned an average 78.6 calories, with an average duration of 28.2 minutes. In any typical session I begin with one 2 minute starter: Jump Rope, Stomp, or Wall Breaker. My main Workout is something like a 19 minute Toning, 13 minute Humana, or 15 minute Boot Camp. I then wind-down with a 5 minute Cardio Boxing and finish with a 5 minute Zen Energy or 8 minute Yoga. Based on my averages I am burning about 167 calories/hour exercising in YSFE 2012. I burn nearly 300 calories/hour walking at a measly 2 mph.

    Classic quote:
    Originally Posted by K1200GTRED Go to original post
    I can not understand the constant whining about the calorie count in YSFE 2012.
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    Sounds like you're happy that you've caught me and my calories result. I do not think that I must apologize for the fact that I prefer to warm up with Wall Breaker. Wall Breaker is perfect to warm up the upper body, without straining the energy reserves too much. And as a warm up, i perform it 5-6 times on "hard" at the beginning of a workout session.
    I don't know which kind of wall breaker you do. On level "hard" a round is supposed to last 3 minutes. With each battered golden block the round is extended by 10 seconds. Normally, i get six to eight golden blocks per round. So, a round lasts up to 4 minutes 20 seconds.
    This evening I checked out what is currently possible for me in Wall breaker within 1 hour. My data are: weight 80 kg, height 1.86 m, age 57, gender male. The data are entered correctly in my YSFE 2012 profile. In my objectives i've set my fitness level to medium (athletic). Over the entire duration I was wearing wrist and ankle weights 0.5 kg each, and a waist belt at 2 kg.The room temperature was 12 degrees Celsius, lighting artificial. Now, here are the results:

    Round | Points | kcal | golden blocks | failures | duration___________ | Round | Points | kcal | golden blocks | failures | duration___________
    1____ | 13646 | 41_ | 7__________ | 0_____ | 4 minutes 10 seconds | 7____ | 13792 | 38_ | 8__________ | 2_____ | 4 minutes 20 seconds
    2____ | 13131 | 37_ | 6__________ | 0_____ | 4 minutes 00 seconds | 8____ | 14583 | 35_ | 8__________ | 0_____ | 4 minutes 20 seconds
    3____ | 12912 | 39_ | 6__________ | 4_____ | 4 minutes 00 seconds | 9____ | 13953 | 36_ | 8__________ | 1_____ | 4 minutes 20 seconds
    4____ | 14821 | 39_ | 8__________ | 1_____ | 4 minutes 20 seconds | 10___ | 12937 | 34_ | 7__________ | 1_____ | 4 minutes 10 seconds
    5____ | 14748 | 38_ | 7__________ | 0_____ | 4 minutes 10 seconds | 11___ | 14039 | 35_ | 8__________ | 3_____ | 4 minutes 20 seconds
    6____ | 13196 | 35_ | 7__________ | 1_____ | 4 minutes 10 seconds |

    When adding up we obtain the following results for 1 hour of intense wall breaker workout: 151,758 points, 407 kcal, 46.33 minutes of sheer activity.
    For the calorie count, I must say that this time it was unusually high, about 6 to 24 percent above my normal maximum of 33 kcal per round. In addition, the boundary conditions were relatively good. I had only a few drop outs, slow downs, recognition failures, etc.
    Dear ghotisticks74, once you're able to pile up a similar score easily, then let's talk again. For me, it's certainly not easy, not yet, sigh.
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    K1200 - sorry - I didn't read all of that, I was not 'catching you' - I was saying that I understand why you are happy with the calorie counting in YS and I understand why you do not understand why others are not. I don't really care about how many calories you burn in a workout. You are right though, that those wall breakers do extend for each wall you complete so I was wrong to think each session was only 2 minutes long. That doesn't really change the fact that the game will allow for the most awarded calories in that activity over any other activity per time spent. That is fine - I am not suggesting that that is WHY you play that. I love wall breaker. I tend to not do the hard level because I don't like wasting time when the hammer comes out and because I've already beaten the score of any of my friends on that level. I am bound and determined to beat the 8000+ score of someone on my friend list on the medium level so I mostly play that. (I'm pretty sure he cheated to get that. Kidding!) I'm at 7900 now so I am SOOOOO close!!

    I find it interesting that you are trying to call me out on being mean to you in some way - that was certainly not my intent. I think you need to calm down and not take the calorie thing so seriously. It is not anything against you that most people playing the game would like to see a calorie count that is, if not slightly accurate, consistantly awarded with effort levels for the different sessions.
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    Hi, gothisticks74. Thank you for your very nice post. Sure I've misunderstood something. Perhaps I chose the wrong words. English is not my native language, as you've noticed. I'll try to improve myself in future. I find it interesting that we have such different perspectives on one and the same things. And although everyone complains on YSFE slightly different, we like it all. Otherwise we would not be here.
    I wish you continued joy and success in YSFE. And I'd be happy if we continue to argue with each other and could share our views.

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    Temporary Calorie Fix

    I did a little fix of my own, but you will need a heartrate monitor to do it. I increased my weight in my profile to 300 lbs and then did a workout. When I was finished, my HRM and the calorie count on the workout were the same or close to each other. This way if I decide not to wear my HRM at least I know from the screen how much calories I burned.

    Hope this helps some.
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    Many here know that the calorie count increases with an increase of weight. At first glance, a "calibration" of the calorie count in the way described by you seems pretty smart.and has some charm.
    But when it comes to the "measurement" of calorie consumption, then you should know that all heartrate monitors, regardless of brand and price range, are quite inaccurate. The actual calorie consumption depends on many variables, such as values ​​of identifiable heart rate, age, weight, gender, and cardiac output, but also of non-quantifiable or indeterminate values ​​such as exercise intensity, fitness level, and genetic predisposition. And just last-mentioned information can not be included in a calculation, since they can be represented in values ​​and thus can not be entered into the computer. That makes at the end the inaccuracy. Therefore heart rate watches and programs for computers can only provide an estimate, not an exact calculation.
    Most of us here agree, that the calorie count in the original YSFE and YSFE 2012 has nothing to do with real calories burning. We see it more as a counter that allows us to compare with the training successes of other players. This only works if everyone sticks to the same principles and enters its data correctly.
    Finally, what does it help you to know your proper calorie consumption? By itself, nothing!
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    Ahhh so that's how the event leaders are burning so many calories. Is there a max limit to weight and age?
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    K1200GTRED I disagree. People are moaning at the calorie counting for a reason, simply because it's an inaccurate pile of crap. It's ok for you because you have a HRM as well so you're getting a more accurate picture. I think you miss the point entirely, no one is after a 100 % accurate calculation, but something that's a bit more realistic - I like the way you used the words "pessimistic" lol, that's an understatement and you know it. It's disheartening to see that you can walk for half an hour and burn more calories than an intense workout according to the game. It's nonsense and lazy programming which should have been fixed with an update.

    For me, I'd like a more accurate representation of what I'm burning and if it means I have to cheat the system by entering extra weight, then this seems like the most sensible thing to do. However, I do agree with you that everyone is in the same boat, but then again, I'm not exercising in relation to other people except myself so it shouldn't matter.
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