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    Originally Posted by Limed_- Go to original post
    Courtesan looks nearly exact to the pirate lady when she is customised correctly.
    Can be mistaken from a long way away, and can save you some trouble.
    Yeah. Courtesan can't be customized. I go with Deacon, Vizier, or Crusader. I <3 Crusader!
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    Depends on the map and that maps coloring, which means you have to take into account the different versions of each map( eg. Souk, souk-night). On a map like Venice, it is generally bright. This means bright colors blend in. The thespian is a good choice here really, she can be difficult to spot against the bright background considering she is in white. However, on Venice- night, she is an absolute beacon and stands out a mile away. Match the color of the clothes they wear to the general look of the map and it's coloring and your halfway there. It really only matters in deathmatch, where every advantage with blending you can get counts. If we are just talking about favorite characters, mine is probably the decon or the trickster. They both have some nice kill animations:P

    And dont pick the jester. That man is the second sun on Earth on every map.
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