View Poll Results: When will UBISOFT get the next patch out, or even respond to our questions

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  • one week

    2 3.57%
  • one month

    5 8.93%
  • six weeks

    0 0%
  • two months

    5 8.93%
  • three months

    1 1.79%
  • four months

    1 1.79%
  • six months

    4 7.14%
  • nine months

    0 0%
  • one year

    2 3.57%
  • never. `we gotz yer monies, fools for trusting us to make a game that works, idiots, tards, scum.

    36 64.29%

Thread: How much longer will it take UBISOFT to get the next patch out, or even respond to us | Forums

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    How much longer will it take UBISOFT to get the next patch out, or even respond to us

    hope this gets someones attention at UBI, getting really mad over here.
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    I'd hope for sooner rather than later. I think probably in a month we'll have an announcement.

    2 months after release we got the first patch, so I figure 2 months after that we'll have another.
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    Error3, it looks like you are the optimist of the optimists. reality will be your opponent
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    Lol. Be that as it may, time will tell who is right.
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    There may be one more patch in a couple of months. After that I think they will all but abandon it. And there's about a 5% chance of that last patch fixing all of the major bugs and game design flaws that still need fixing. It's kind of sad too, because this game is 50% Amazing and 50% Sucks *** I wish they would keep working on it.
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    Yeah, I have really enjoyed this game, despite its shortcomings. I really wish Ubisoft had a lot more people devoted to getting everything working. Heroes of Might and Magic as a series can have great games, it just needs to have great execution.
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    HA! I kinda just put the last option in as a joke, but it seems more than just me thinks that we are going to get shafted on patches or any type of feedback from UBISOFT. I agree that this game has serious potential, but the implimentation set forth by UBISOFT so far has made me NEVER EVER again buy a UBISOFT product . I hope you clowns are reading this forum and see just how much of your player base feels left out, ignored, or laughed at by you guys. I seriously hope you go bankrupt like 3D0, even though I don`t think 3D0 deserved it.... you guys certainly do.
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    You all forgot one very important choice.... "SOON™" which is ubis own term for stuff thats about to be released...

    Anyhow, ill try get an official statement out of ubi about the patching. Im sadly just as out of the know as you guys are.
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    Strange, I thought the word Soon was trademarked by Blizzard.
    Difference being that Blizzard actually release working products of course.
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    If you understand french, you should google ''ubifree''. An ex worker of Ubisoft made the site explaining how Ubisoft is badly managed, from a to z. Its written in a funny, sarcastic tone. If you read it, you ll understand much better why Ubisoft sucks so much.
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