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    [Mac] Installing "Myst" into my Mac Snow Leopard

    I bought a used "Myst" for my Mac Snow Leopard, 10.6. It's not allowing me to install. Is there a patch or another download I need?
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    Hi Bunky.
    Unfortunately, the original Myst isn't Mac OS X compatible. It only runs on the Classic Mac OS (OS 9 or earlier).

    However, all is not lost. You could try getting a copy of realMYST, which is Mac OS X compatible (up to OS X 10.6.8).

    realMYST is actually just an enhanced version of Myst, with significantly improved graphics and sounds, plus an extra age thrown in for good measure (this extra age has no bearing on the game, it's just a cool place to explore). If you've got realMYST, then you don't need Myst.
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