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    Splinter Cell Trilogy HD to Xbox 360?

    Why Splinter Cell Trilogy HD is not for Xbox 360? We want these classic games in HD. The most of Splinter Cell fans are Xbox gamers so I hope this will be released on 360 too.
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    that would be nice.
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    I hope so. I've been waiting for so long for this
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    I too would love to see this on the 360. As Splinter Cell did start off on Xbox in the first place.
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    I would also like to see this on the 360. They were some of my favorite games for the original Xbox.
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    I would love to see this on xbox...with the online multiplayer for PT and CT pweeaseee
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    Why would they fail and not release this for xbox360 man.? btw go to the trilogy is only 15 bucks for ps3 brand new
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    Hello everyone, If you are reading this then you are probably one of the many Xbox live users who believes that Chaos Theory was great multiplayer experience that should not have been stripped away from us. Additionally, you might also feel jilted that Microsoft no longer supports online servers for original Xbox titles while still selling them on the Xbox marketplace.

    The solution to this is to continue to play this game using other methods. In the petition thread in the off topic section (!) KW7 recommends using XBConnect. XBConnect allows us to once again create a community of Splinter Cell players like we did in the past. While XBC is somewhat complicated to start up, the forum topics on the XBC site are helpful in troubleshooting any problems that may come up. I got the system running within an hour.

    If you have any problems with XBC; the XBC moderators will quickly reply to any questions and concerns.

    Also if you are reading this and you haven’t posted on this thread get an account and post. The only way to bring back the splinter cell legacy is to make some noise.

    XBC user name- darkbrothers.
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    i suffer from simulator sickness, older the games get, the worse the motion sickness gets. I consider Chaos Theory an almost perfect game. I'm an Xbox game developer, so there no chance I'll ever own a PS3. I love to be able to play this game again without the motion sickness. Not being able to play this game again, would probably dissuade me from making future Splinter Cell game purchases.
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    I never even knew Ubisoft released a HD Splinter Cell until today, and then I found out it is only for Playstation 3/Playstaion Network... That is a massive heartbreak, we need a petition for Xbox 360 Splinter Cell HD!
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