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    [Official] House MD Known Issues

    Browser Zoom

    If your browser's zoom level isn't set to default, you will be unable to click the items you need to in the game. To remedy this problem, make sure your browser zoom is set to the default

    Daily Bonuses

    The Daily bonuses are currently not working. They will be fixed in the next server push.

    Favor Points

    Favor points currently do not display passed 100. They ARE there, they are just not displaying properly.


    Currently a number of users are experiencing lag. We are looking into this and hop to have a fix soon.

    Tutorial Friend Requests

    You currently have to have your first patient cured before you can invite friends and send gifts.
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    My game doesn't have the zoom options available. I only have the sound options available to me. (Canadian player)
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    Blood work bug

    I have a walk in patient that is in the the blood work lab and I can click on him but nothing happens except the screen centers on him.
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    3 problems with game

    First problem is having a patient stuck in the Ward,clicking on the person only centers the screen on them. The other problem is,even though I have all the items required to advance with the story diagnosis,it gives a connection lost error when I try to continue. Last problem is when I send people to the pharmacist,the item,xp and cash aren't showing on the screen. These problems only started yesterday around 12pm.
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    There will be a bug fix shortly and hopefully these problems will be solved. Thank you for your patience.
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    Whenever I get to the 5th daily log in for the doubled budget bonus, when I do something that would involve getting any budget and finish it, it gives me a pop-up saying the server has become self-aware, and thinks I am going through with an invalid transaction. It also ends the session immediately forcing me to refresh.
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    It did that to me today too, and I logged in again and now I'm not getting the double budget.
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    If you feel this is a bug, I recommend contacting support so that they can address it. Please let me know if you need help doing that. Thanks for your notes.
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    med-packs are being sent I accept them however I can not find them. Anyone know the fastest and easiest way to make money?
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    Play mini-games is our recommendation. This isn't a known issue, by the way, so possibly asking in the Help forum would be a better spot for this post. In any case, good luck and thank you for playing.
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