House MD: Critical Cases FAQS


What is House MD: Critical Cases
House MD: Critical Cases is a new Facebook game. In House, M.D.: Critical Cases, you’re the newest staff member at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital working to save lives! You will join House and the entire team to work alongside your friends and help diagnose the most challenging medical cases and cure patients. Can you survive working under the notorious House?

How do I play?
In House MD: Critical Cases, you are the doctor. You are tasked with solving medical mysteries called Critical Cases. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to your first critical case patient, Sam Krause. The game will walk you through the tutorial. Click where the arrows are pointing. Clicking the arrows will not work; you must click where they point.

How do I complete the Hidden Object minigame?
At certain points in critical cases, you will be asked to search places for certain clues in order to diagnose a disease. When the flashlight pops up, click it, and you will be taken to the scene. At the bottom of the screen there will be a list of items you must find. By finding the items in the scene, you will discover clues that you can take back with you to the white board.

How do I complete the blood analysis minigame?
To complete the blood analysis minigame, you click on the moving items that match the specified item on the right hand side of the screen. Some are easier to catch than others, so you have to be quick!

How do I complete the imaging minigame?
When doing the imaging minigame, you must match two squares to each other. First, click a square. An icon should pop up. Your goal is to find the matching icon. You continue to do this throughout the game.

How do I cure clinic patients?
Once you reach a high enough level, House will ask you to cure some clinic patients. These clinic patients give you experience, money, and items when cured. Once a clinic patient sits down, click them. This will give you the option to prescribe treatment, or it will take you directly to a minigame.

How do I buy medicine?
When you unlock the pharmacy, click one of the tables. This will give you the option to purchase the medicine.

How do I know which medicine to buy?
Your patients will have a medicine need. For example, in this image your patient needs the purple meds called digestive meds. Other patients will need other types of medicine. The key giveaway is the color of the meds they ask for.

How do I get Favor Points?
You get Favor points by curing patients in your ward. To do this, click on a patient in the clinic (The room with chairs) Select the option with a green circle and white cross to send the patient to the ward. Once you select that option, the patient will appear in your ward(The room with the beds) Click on them. They will require various medical supplies to cure as well as a consulting doctor. Once you cure this patient, you will get a favor point.

Can my patients die?
Your patients cannot really die, but they can go code blue. When a patient’s heart beat stops, you must resuscitate them in a minigame.

How do I diagnose patients?
You complete various mini game objectives to diagnose critical patients. Once you complete objectives, you meet House and the team at the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas. As you gather evidence, possible diseases are cancelled out. When only one remains, you can treat the patient. This treatment either cures the patient or is ineffective. If it is ineffective, it is back to the drawing board for you!

What is the disease database?
If you click on the help desk, one of the folder tabs is the disease database. You can use this to look up information on specific diseases

Where can I find leaderboards?
If you click on the help desk, one of the folder tabs is the leaderboards. There you will find leaderboards based on experience, budget, and performance.

How can I customize my hospital?
You can add themes to your hospital by clicking the paintbrush in the lower left.

Avatar Customization

How do I make my character female?
Click your ID badge in the bottom right. An avatar customization box will pop up. Click next to your name on the female icon.

How do I customize my avatar?
Click your ID badge in the bottom right. This will open an avatar customization window. You can then change your avatar’s clothes and looks.

Interface and Settings

Where is the shop?
We currently don’t have a shop, but you can purchase energy, House Points, and Budget by clicking the addition sign on top of your screen.

How do I go into fullscreen mode?

Click ‘toggle fullscreen’ just above your ID badge. This can be really helpful in some of the mini games.

How do I turn off the sound?
To turn the sound off, click the gear in the lower right. You will then be given the option to turn sound off.

How do I zoom in and out?
To zoom in and out you can click one of the magnified glasses in the lower right of your screen

Currencies and Resources

There are 2 different currencies in game, House Credits and Budget.

There are two resources in the game, energy and experience.

How do I buy Energy?
Next to the energy bar you can click the addition sign which will allow you to buy energy.

How do I buy House Points?
Click the addition sign next to the House Points.