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    The mod in its former progress with my small team of modders, here's progress:
    * Mapping: 89%
    * Models = 22%
    * Music = 32%
    * Sounds = 12%
    * Textures = 100%

    Since my team is left in another, I never know why they left me like that plan, but that's how to do with. Since the mod was on standby.
    The mod will start playing again, but with myself. The mod will be made ​​entirely by my own care alone.

    Thus, the mod has its official internet site if you wanted to follow his news:
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    Salut, regarde dans tes messages privés sous l'onglet notifications, en haut de la page.
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    Oui c'est bon te remercie, je t'ai envoyé un mail à ton Gmail a+
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    This sounds very promising. Nice to see people are still modding this great game.
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