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    SGB Elite "Dog of War" grab?

    No elite SGB playing 1v1. Several are JSF now, I guess to get trophy. Still losing war...lol. Cheers!
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    youhou ******ed!

    Every single SGB elite knows that trophy is glitched.
    You really underestimates us thinking we don't know that, that's why you always need to dash and pull the plug against us, lol So stop telling no sgb bla bla plays 1v1, cause i told you several times that what you do is not playing, it's cheating.
    so JSF will win the war? Who cares by now of how many boosters you have under your command?, Only you!
    That tells a lot about your motives of getting satisfied, lol
    it's true they're so few... lol
    How disgracious you 're, that's amazing
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