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    Make sure you check your version because there has been other versions since 2005ish. Second NKT73!

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    Unfortunately, the servers for Chessmaster X and XI have been closed permanently.
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    Thank you for letting us know. I still value Chessmaster 10th Edition for its great bundle. I believe there are like hours worth of master teaching through Josh Waitzkin, Larry Christiansen, and the generic chess tutorials to raise your skill level over the years. I guess you could call me a "die hard Chessmaster 10th Edition fan!hehe".

    It does not matter except I wish my stepfather would have access to the servers though because there were quite a number of old timers. I gave my copy to my father. I hope he becomes a Chessmaster 10th Edition expert level player. He is getting old and I miss him. I hope him the best. May he become a chess master through Chessmaster 10th Edition.

    Thank you Ubisoft for making such a great game for old timers like my parents to enjoy in their old age in peace.
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