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    Splinter Cell Conviction Mac Screen problems

    I finally got splinter cell working after 2 months of trying to get it to launch and when it finally did , The GUIs were invisible, and the graphics were a complete mess.
    I have some screenshots of this and i have changed the graphics about 10 times and it has improved the graphics so more things are visible.

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    also, how do i put screenshots on the forum?
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    did you get it fixed? i have a similar problem where i can open the game (splinter cell conviction) but it wont work because the players are flickering. the whole scene is flickering between the players, npcs, background, etc.

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    Every time I try playing the menu is not displayed properly, and the gameplay is all screwed up. Will display screen shots if that will solve problem.
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    Please contact technical support so they can take a look, the link is in my signature.
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