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    BIA 5 - Bastogne

    I was just curious; or hoping rather, to know if there were talks or actions in a 5th BIA set in WWII. I, and many others who love the BIA series, really love the storyline. I'm not going to sit and bash the Furious 4, every company is entitled to branch out and try something new.

    I think I speak for a lot of people; simply, will there be a continuation from the original BIA series involving Baker and the rest of the troops?

    Thanks for you time!
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    I just finished playing hill30, eib and HH. and after the final cutscene in HH, it clearly says: To be continued...
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    Kurdę, Bastogne to tylko jedno miasto,ale 101 nie walczyła tylko w samym Bastogne, walczyła nawet i dalej, powinni zrobić coś co by łączyło to co mieliśmy w HH i to co możemy mieć w "dalszej części" , może i nawet Austrię , dobra by była scena gdybyśmy wchodzili żołnierzami do jakiegoś obozu koncentracyjnego, gra jak historia , dziwi mnie ta część " Brothers in Arms Furious 4 ",co to jest ,co to ma przedstawiać??? :/
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    Yes, Baker's story will be continued and brought to a close.

    I personally have heard an audio bit of Randy speaking at the latest Ubidays event and he did state that Baker's story will be brought to a close.
    From the sounds of it, the next game will be the final chapter in Matt Baker's story. I don't know if that means it is the end of the squad's story but it will be the end of Matt's.
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    Well, maybe they're just waiting on the software to become even more advanced in order to make an even better "Brothers In Arms" in an effort to close out Bakers story. Either way, I look forward to the next chapter.
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