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    Worst Customer Support Ever?

    I wish these guys had another person doing there customer support.

    Ive been trying to get an issue fixed for a couple of weeks. There seems to only be 1 person doing ubisofts customer support, and it takes 5 to 6 days for a reply.

    Ive never experienced this before with any other customer support.

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    I worked in IT support for 15 years before I retired a year ago. If I took as long as Ubisoft to reply, never mind fix a problem, I would have been fired!!! The support from them is nothing less than disgraceful, all I want to do is play a game that I have legally purchased!!!!!!
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    This game and the support for it are epic fail. I just bought it today and I have had nothing but issues... and all the same issues already being posted all over. I think a lawsuit might work, since you buy a game, its doesnt work, and you cant get a reply from them... I might have to call my uncle and see what can be done... this is pathetic. $50 game and you HAVE to have internet to play and nothing works.... still same problems since release of the game. WTF??
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