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    Explorer Trophy


    I'm having trouble getting the Explorer Trophy. I've done ALL modes and confirmed it by checking the leader boards.

    What to do? Any ideas?

    I've contacted Ubisoft but they haven't replied for 13 days now. I got their first response, they wanted pictures of my progress in multi-player. I sent them the pictures and like I said, I've waited 13 days now.

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    I asked ubisoft support about it and was told they dont deal with gameplay related queries although i could try their forums or use google to look for a walkthrough....
    If i look at my online stats ive played at least three games of each type...
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    I'm having the same issue. I contacted Black_Widow9, I'll see if I get a response from her. I'm on a ps3: game version 1.04, and the ps3 version is 4.21.

    Like you, I have played (and the leaderboards confirm this) every single game mode multiple times, still no trophy. I have deleted my save data, uninstalled the game and reinstalled, played game modes over again. Nothing seems to work.

    Hearing that you haven't heard back from customer support is disheartening to say the least.
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