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    Dedicated server problem


    how can i create dedicated server with custom maps?

    i can host standard maps in any standard mode,
    but when i try to set custom map - in black box it launch custom map name, but no mode
    and whole game is unavailable. how can i fix this?

    second question - how to disable players tnt on dedicated server?
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    cr1m3's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hi again,



    There's my custom dedicated server script:


    And for changing weapons on your server:


    So copy all of those files _NetWeapon_Barnsby_Properties.scr , _NetWeapon_Aristocrat_Properties.scr...........

    Pick them in
    \Program Files\Ubisoft\Techland\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\CoJ2\Data3.pak\Data\player\

    Then create a new "player" folder and put all of your copied NetWeapon_ _Properties.scr and edit all the Properties.scr that have tnt to remove the tnt strings.

    Once your "player" folder is ready, place him into your dedicated server directory into the "data" folder.
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    thank you cr1m3 solution works perfectly.

    i will launch dedicated server with no tnt on new maps. maybe then more poeple will download custom maps
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    cr1m3's Avatar Senior Member
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    at least someone who make a server with custom maps.

    what is the server's name?
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    my dedicated server name is NW - im in the middle of egzams,
    but im trying to host every day.
    heres a list of maps that definetely are included on server:

    true gift, rock river, wyzima, high moon, samhain, walnut groove, bandidos, gold rush,
    this selection depends on minimal amount of bugs in maps, which could spoil the game

    also players: remczyslaw and lary mccall are hosting custom map games, but its hard to get
    people attraction, caused by custom-standard cross game bug (every one who tried multi with custom maps knows the red screen bug)
    also people dont want to download custom maps, cause the dont even know how to do it .... not everyone reads the game menu charts.
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