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    Need a RUSE clan...

    I know.. This is a 2 years oli game... But...

    Is there a good clan to play and studi new strategy, now?

    I'm searching for a RUSE clan... ;-)

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    Well my clan - XoV is looking for new members. It's a very new clan and I think is solely based on ruse on Xbox 360.
    At the moment there is only two members, me (XoV Blitzkreig) and my friend (XoV Kampfgrupp)
    As I said its a very new clan so yeah, still looking for members. We are not brilliant and play for fun so you don't have to be amazing
    Because we are far from it
    If u wonna join please send a MSG on Xbox Tks
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    im interrested in joining aswell send me a message

    zT Perfection x
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    Any ps3 clans?
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    XoV Blitzkrieg (me)
    XoV Kampfgruppe (friend)
    msg us on xbox live
    p.s. we are not German (British
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