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    Logitech momo pedals do not work, high resolutions unavailable etc.etc.

    Driver SF is unable to find / detect the pedals of my Logitech Momo set. Steam has patched it to v.1.03 and I have browsed the net for instructions but no luck.

    I am able to configure all the steering wheel buttons, and turning / steering works just fine when driving, but pedals do nothing. When I try to reconfigure the acceleration/braking assignments on settings menu, nothing happens when I press either of the pedals.

    There is a mention in the FAQ: "Go into the configuration menu in the game and select Controls. Configure the commands (acceleration, brake, gear +, gear -, left, right) to the keyboard, and then reconfigure them back to the wheel starting with the pedals."
    - But this simply does NOT work since I cannot erase the wheel commads and assign them to keyboard only, and then reconfigure them back. So Ubi's FAQ / manual itself is just wrong.

    I have also checked the INPUT folder of the game, and the appropriate device ID folder is present there.

    So what gives? This is a driving game after all and I would like to accelerate and not just turn the wheel while sitting in a stationary car....

    Further, the 1.03 patch seemingly promised higher resolutions to be available. 1440x900 seems to be the max what it offers to me. (I have also experienced a couple of completely random crashes when just moving around in the menu structure.)

    Intel Q9400, 4GB Ram
    ATI Radeon HD4850
    Windows 7 64-bit
    Logitech Momo Racing wheel+pedals

    (Seems that Ubisoft is still a piece of crap like it always has been, and I regret that I have bought a game from this company after many years of absense since the last extremely poor experience. Producing buggy games with a complete lack of customer support...)
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    You're lucky I can't even get the game to see my wheel (Logitech DrivingForcePro)

    +1 on the LOW resolution this game has.
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    Just an update to the forum too to let you know about the crappy customer service. Got a response from UBI customer support after FIVE DAYS!

    And as expected, the reply is a pure bs non-sense template reply with no real information or solutions. Just asking about what controller I have (I DID mention that in the original email, like here too), and listing what is "supported".

    So I guess Ubisoft is still not interested in any kind of customer service. As you can see from the numerous replies by Ubisoft staff (=none) to this forum thread too. ...well, at least I know now that it's easy and justified to tell everyone to buy their games somewhere else than from this joint.
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    LOL. Here's what UBI says now:

    "I'm sorry but i'll have to redirect you to the Logitech Momo Racing controller manual

    We do not have any support on the controllers"

    Stay out of this company and take your money elsewhere. Period.
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    stay out of this company and take your money elsewhere. Period.[/quote]

    well spoken...
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