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    When you play more arcade millions of tones is absolutely in order. I go realism 60% - manual targeting, no contacts update, dud torpedoes and no external camera are disabled, the rest is on. Right now I've reached from day one to March '42: - 30K renown, 1350K tonnage and a restless crew. And still a lot of war coming...

    A question I have. I know that's wrong thread but I can't find it and don't want to start new one, so please excuse me and move if you should:

    Has anyone encountered their supercharger NOT working after you load an in-mission save? Can anything be done about it? Change in a savefile or something...? I do without but it's really annoying. I mean, VIIC does 17 without and 20 with a MAN dead calm... makes all the difference sometimes.

    Thanks in advance. Be good.
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    I've survived 39-45, but not in one boat. I use Commander's retirement feature; every time a captain retired I started a new career at the date the old one ended.
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