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    SPOILER NEW PROOF in Assassin's Creed Revelations:Why did Lucy Die! (Lucy conspiracy)

    Hey guy i found this video which explains some good things and ACR actually told us a lot more about why Lucy had to die than we thought.
    If this link does not work just copy and paste the title of the thread into youtube and watch the whole video
    What do you think....
    In one of the Templar documents found in ACR it says that Daniel cross is their second most successful sleeper agent (because Daniel cross was programmed to kill the mentor of the assassins) but who was the first? in the video he says the first was Lucy. Instead of the Templar's killing Lucy vidic saves her and implants her with the device that controls her. There is also proof that she was being controlled by another document being found
    stating " Subject 17 determined by one of our MOLES had at least two ancestors that become mentor assassins"
    Lucy was basically programmed to give the Templar information against her will, Juno knows this will get in the way of Desmond destiny so she gets Desmond to stab Lucy..
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    there are a few problems i have with that

    -firstly, the mole that determined desmond had two mentor assassin ancestors. Vidic already knew about Ezio (the leaked dlc 3 video), and lucy was with abstergo during desmonds imprisonment, so its more likely astergo themselves learned of Ezio

    - is she succesfull enough to be considered the most succesfull? Daniel cross not only killed the mentor, but initiated the great purge because he has been to every assassin compound in the world. even if abstergo used lucy as a double agent to learn the location of the apple of eden, that has failed too: the assassins have the apple, and lucy is dead. Daniel isn't.
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    why do you post spoilers in thread name
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