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    Ubisoft/Uplay Support... does anyone even work there at all?

    I opened a ticket on Dec 31 and got the standard auto-response of "please wait 24-48 hours" bladeebla. Fine, so I wait patiently for a few days- I understand no one works over the holidays and there may be some backlog work going on...

    But seriously... no reply at all after almost 2 weeks? WTF? I've checked back on my ticket and it's not been updated at all, except that a few days ago its status had changed to "Holding", whatever that's supposed to mean. If there's a status change of any kind, wouldn't it be nice to... I don't know, let people know the how and why involved?

    Right now I've been waiting for 2 weeks without any info. Is all support staff on strike or something? I'm all for waiting patiently, but my patience has run out and I don't think updating my ticket will help any. So what's the deal?
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    Hi Elvles,

    When a support ticket is changed to "holding", it's usually because something in your ticket needed to be investigated, such as patch issues, validation of codes etc. You really should have received a response stating that your issue is being investigated however.

    If you could please PM me your support ticket reference number so we can track it down, I'll have a chat with our support manager and make sure someone gets in touch with you.

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    Natehawk, might i note that the email about a response somehow is send a day after the response is given.
    I have a support ticket out also and it's that i keep checking myself if a response is given but when i got a response after a week (which I don't mind since it was holiday season), the email about that response arrived the next day and not right after the response was made. In fact iI got that email after I already had a second response
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    Same here really...but i've been waiting FOR THREE WEAKS ALREADY, it's the beginning of fourth week! Just checked it again and saw that it is now in "holding" status...wtf really? Do you even care about your customers?!
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    Well, that escalated quickly....
    Read what the admin said, if the status says "Holding" then it means your problem IS being investigated. It's being considered as we speak mate! Have a care
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    my ticket has gone to holding twice and waiting twice its gone to holding again. I have no idea whats happening. but I do hope it gets sorted soon as possible
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    Don't hold your breath. Going on 3+months now, worst customer services ever.
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    it is really annoying i have rang them 5 times
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    UBISOFT SUPPORT IS MOST IMBECIL OF ALL GAMES OF THE WORLD, BASE SOMEWHERE IN INDIA..... IDIOCY THEY CAN NOT HELP YOU, YOU BOUGHT GAME, THAT IS ONLY THINK THEY CARED.... ****ING UBISOFT!!!! i can not play multiplayer Assassins creed 3..... WHY? cause i have full edition and they are EPIC ****S.
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    Ubisoft are a company that makes money, maybe a lot of it.

    Please don't use profanity against such a company that's providing you with a good service, such as them forums or even support paths free of charge (obviously minus calling).
    Most of the people at Call Centres read from a script, so don't blame them as they are only doing their jobs, and probably don't need you (possible clients) to be shouting profanity at them
    or bringing the companies reputation into disrepute.

    Yes, you are their customers. Yes you have rights. However if there are too many "bugs" in a game, simply don't by it or put it aside and wait patiently for the developers to be able to ascertain what the problem is and fix it.

    Ubisoft has a massive number of support tickets raised each day, if they do not reply to the first, or second one. Give them a call or contact a forum administrator for assistance and guidance on matters, don't just make a thread creating an avenue for a number of people to seemingly belittle the Company and the workers there.

    Many thanks.
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