View Poll Results: How old are you, rocksmith players?

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  • 15-20 years old (teen punks)

    14 3.14%
  • 20-30 years old (young and proud)

    78 17.49%
  • 30-40 years old (adult having fun)

    144 32.29%
  • 40-50 years old (middle year rocker)

    169 37.89%
  • 50+ years old (older and wiser)

    41 9.19%

Thread: AGE POLL: How Old Are You, Rocksmith Players? Anyone else over-40? | Forums

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    Just curious, I'm in my 40s, have played other instruments for decades but never electric guitar til now... having a lot of fun w/Rocksmith (mostly now I play along with concert DVDs, using tablature from online sites/music books), after learning how to get familiar with guitar thx to Rocksmith.

    Let's get an age poll going, should be fun:
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    i just turned thirty..didn't know which way to vote :P so i took 30-40.

    my youtube video for "Slither" has 4705 hits:
    13-17 = 5%
    18-24 = 12%
    25-34 = 22%
    35-44 = 41%
    45-54 = 11%
    65+ = 3%

    there are an overwhelming number of 35-45 year olds playing. guys who'd always wanted to learn guitar but didn't have time or means when they were younger.

    I suspect the 13-24 year olds are still playing call of duty, or perhaps the plastic button game..but really, who even plays those anymore? :P
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    i'm 34 been playing guitar on an off since i was in my early 20s but never really got past the intermediate level this has been pushing me to practice more and more. i'm loving it
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    48 here, Ive been playing for 2 years, took lessons for 1 year and waited for Rocksmith to be released, Having more fun with this
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    cool - I'm in my late 40s, glad to see I'm not the only one.

    What pushed me over the edge, for which I'm deeply grateful to Ubi/Rocksmith for, is my daughter kept laughing at me when she saw me playing the plastic guitar controller games these last couple years. While fun games, I felt dorky while playing them... (and as a real musician, 30+ years on alto sax/keyboards, I knew they weren't the 'real deal').

    So I grumbled to myself, "someday" I'll learn real electric guitar...

    Now that I'm playing my real electric guitar (Ibanez GRX20L, great axe), thanks to Rocksmith, she wants to learn too, and thinks I'm cool.

    So thanks, Rocksmith for that. And it's good to see about age, that even us middle aged guys can rock on. Probably better than the young guys, because we know Good music, like Pink Floyd/AC/DC/Rush/Police/Stones and others...

    Most fun I've ever had, is playing my electric guitar now Along with concert videos (try it!), I use Behringer mixer (, DSP fx pedal RP90 effects pedal (w/preset 27;–DGTRP90), mix the tv output and listen to all thru headphones from the mixer... playing along w/AC/DC, Madonna, Rush, everyone else, opened up a whole new world. I got tired of just watching concert video dvds, so now I can play along with them (just basic main chords for now), thanks to ubi/rocksmith. Very deeply grateful for that. (can get tabs at or buying music books on amazon etc)
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    BobPeters61's Avatar Member
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    I went ahead and said 50+ because I turn 50 the day before BB says they'll get the PC version I need.
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    bump this is the *cooler* age poll, lol... post on!
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    24. Tried to learn guitar since I was in middle school. Lessons were too expensive and my parents were cheap that they bought me a cheap guitar but no amp... (WTF?) Well this game is more helpful than any teachers or books I've had so far and is cheap
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    crispyfunk's Avatar Senior Member
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    I am level 30 i mean age 30 lol i love playing the guitar i play it about 10 hrs a day,my hand is starting to feel sore so i have been soaking it in hot water for about 10 min a day after im done rocking out. it really helps my hand to feel better the next day so i can do it all over
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    ALuomala's Avatar Member
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    Morinville, Alberta, Canada
    I'm 43 and I started because my 13 yr old daughter started taking lessons about a year ago, and around 6 months ago I said "Why the heck not?!?". When she started playing violin about 6 years ago, I bought a full size violin for myself and tried to learn, but the motivation just wasn't there (I'm a classic rock guy, not classical music guy).

    I started off by trying to teach myself with GarageBand on the Mac (pretty good, BTW, as it teaches you the basics, but the note detection is nowhere near as good as RS). When I saw that there was going to be a REAL guitar game for the PS3, I was stoked, as I knew it would help motivate me, and it certainly has.

    I think the thing that is going to put off a lot of the young bucks is that they may think that they will progress as fast on a real guitar as they did on a plastic guitar. I think us older guys have the advantage as we know that anything worth doing is going to be somewhat difficult, and we are willing to put in the extra time and effort. "Old age and treachery will always beat youth and enthusiasm!"

    Keep on rocking, my grey haired and pot-bellied brothers!!!

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