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    Greetings! I have been playing Lock-On for quite a while now and have come across a problem that I cant seem to remedy! Everything is fine, I'm just about to pull up to take off when suddenly before I'm a foot off the ground my plane ( A-10 ) rolls abruptly to the right and crashes into the ground! I must mention that I had been messing about with my controller beforehand (Saitek Rumble Force) but I cant nail this prob to a specific cause! your advice would be appreciated!
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    I may be not much technically but if you tell me which version you are playing I can see if it does the same for me.I have had that happen to me before but I think it was cause I did not take off properly.Try getting more speed and make sure flaps are half way down.
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    Hi,thanks for responding to my little problem!I'm playing Lock-On the first retail game, I also have Lock-On Gold which incorporates Flaming Cliffs...great games you'll agree?Anyway, as I said just as I'm taking off my A10 veers sharply to the right and crashes BOOM! I mentioned that I had been messing about with the Input controls and I wonder if there is a relationship there? I have tried loads of configs but no joy! your advice?
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    I dimly recall that some folks had problems back in the day with setting up their throttles and sticks.
    What I seem to remember is that one or two folks had problems with the throttle in that it was only controlling ONE engine thus causing the aircraft to strongly veer to one side. you may want to double check that your throttle is affecting BOTH engines when you power up or down.
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    Hi, thanks for taking the time to consider my problem! and hey! yes, the throttle control was only working on the left engine...duh! alls fine again now so thanks for your help
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    Glad I could be of help, glad the old memory still went back that far!
    Happy New Year to all Lockon fans new and old...
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