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    Good news, Choctaw.

    I got a hard copy and the latest patch ties you to Steam forever anyway, so no way around it. Skyboost sounded useful, I hope it's updated (no doubt a day before another Steam patch knowing my luck).

    Well, loving some of he mods I picked up - particularly better horses and horses for folllowers. Spending far too much time just trotting about and enjoying the scenery.
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    I still really like it, but only bimble in it now, as i'm level 63 now, and pretty much invincible even on master difficulty, thanks to max enchanting and max potion making (fortify restoration potions can really break the game). Got every spell, can make better stuff than you can find or buy, have more money than i know what to do with. Once you can't improve yourself any more it kinda takes the fun out of it a bit.

    Still inventing new ways to kill things though, some of the master spells can be used in quite amusing ways.

    wish there were more dragon shouts, got about 60 unspent dragon souls, lol.
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    Well, Nobby's now a level 35 master blacksmith, with an irritating non-com wife and the same follower who suddendly took to wielding warhammers and two-handed axes with reckless abandon. Sank all his perks and upgrades into heavy armour, two-handed weapons and smithing. Bit of a tank, really. Might go in for something with a bit more finesse next time. I loves my Dynavision. Frustrated by mods that claim to change hair, face whatever and turn out to alter other stuff I've spent days getting 'just so', but just about how I like it for now. Manfully resisted the bouncy bosoms mod so far, but that annoying yellow underwear had to go...

    Anyhow, great fun and replayability in a vast and lovely environment, with some silly oversights that Bethesda should have picked up on regarding the character just standing there in third-person mode. Worth mentioning Mount and Blade's combat sytem again, why no mounted combat Bethsheda? - I can see me going back to Calradia as soon as I've done with Skyrim. Quite a way off yet.

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    Still at it, ignoring the main quest completely, enjoying travelling around and killing the bad guys. Nobby now a level 45 proper Nord looking dude thanks to a nice mod that adds Norsey armour linked to smithing perks...

    ...and his backing band - The Nordettes. Current outfits much more in keeping with the Viking vibe I got going on...

    Big downer with the dreaded bloated savegame causing stutters, but gradually sorted out with a 'de bloater' mod. Back to running smoothly again.
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