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    I cant seem to get hyperlobby to work. I clik on forgotten battles and it disconnects. Maybe i dont have the right username and password but I didnt see anywhere to create a user and pass. Can anybody help.

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    I cant seem to get hyperlobby to work. I clik on forgotten battles and it disconnects. Maybe i dont have the right username and password but I didnt see anywhere to create a user and pass. Can anybody help.

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    To make a new username just make sure save name/password are unselected, type in your new name and new password, and it should ask for a email address and confirm password in chat bar.
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    thanks danjama but its still not working. It automatically disconnects whenever i input anything.
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    What operating system are you using?
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    Salute Dozer

    You need to have 'IL-2 STURMOVIK 1946'. Are you running that game?

    If you have it, then I assume you downloaded the correct 4.08m patch?

    If you didn't, you can download the 4.08m patch here:


    Click on the blue highlighted text to download:



    When it is finished downloading, you need to double click on the zipped file to install it.

    Make sure it unzips to your IL-2 STURMOVIK 1946 folder.




    Follow the instructions carefully.

    The game you want to select is "Forgotten Battles", NOT "IL-2". Also, some people have a problem in not pointing the Hyperlobby program at the right .exe. Make sure you point it at your IL-2 FB .exe. This is the file called 'il2fb' inside your main IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 folder, and which looks like a small icon of a Corsair, blue and orange in colour.

    If you have tried this before and its not working, then try to redo it as follows:

    To change the path to the executable game file, disconnect from hyperlobby, then press ctrl and shift, then left click on 'connect' and the dialog box will come up. Click on game .exe, and note properties address, then point to the il2fb.exe in your install.

    To change your name:

    Logon to HL then type //deleteaccount into the chat bar. Then logon with your new name and password and follow the instruction. That changes your name but keeps all your settings, friends list, etc. intact

    The other thing you must do, is to make sure you have your firewall configured to allow Hyperlobby to launch, as well as allowing the IL-2 game to launch. Normally the firewall will ask you for permission, but sometimes it will lock up, so if you want to be sure, go into the firewall, and add IL-2 and Hyperlobby as permitted programs and servers.

    Most people online communicate using microphones and a voice comm system. Teamspeak is the most popular.

    TeamSpeak can be downloaded here:


    Once you have installed TeamSpeak, you need to create a new server to connect. Under ADDRESSBOOK, You put your mouse arrow on the 'Server' heading, and right click, slide down to 'Add Server', and left click on it. It will create a new box for the name of the server.

    For example, RAF74's:

    You write in RAF74

    Then under 'Server Address' you enter:

    Then you put your nickname in: Warrior?

    You connect as an anonymous user.

    The Server password is: tiger

    When you have finished putting that in, you double click on the Server name on the left, and you will connect.

    You should see yourself appear in the upper box under 'RAF74 General Room'.


    Many people are now using the 'Mods' online. These are some programs which modify the basic IL-2 1946 to allow flying of the AI planes, as well as providing new planes and new maps.

    To get the mods, you goggle 'All Aircraft Arcade'

    You will then need to register with the forum, then download the "AAA Unified Installer Version 1.1", (8 downloads)

    Then make a backup of your IL-2 STURMOVIK 1946 folder, rename it 'Mods', then install the AAA mods to it.

    In the main folder you then have a version switcher which allows you to pick either plain 4.08, plain 4.09, or modded versions of these, with or without six degrees of freedom Track IR.

    You then need to re-point Hyperlobby at this new install, at the same time you can change your name using the following instructions above in my post.


    Hope this will get you up and running.

    If you are looking for more help, and a Squadron to join, think about RAF74.

    We offer training and help to get you up and flying more quickly than you would on your own.

    Our homepage is here:

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    Thank you VERY much buzzsaw. This is the kind of post that is immensely helpful. I got hyperlobby working correctly. I downloaded 1946 and dl'd the patch and unzipped it to 1946. When I try to join a server it says I have a different version. I'll follow the rest of your directions and see if I can get it up and running. I think I'm almost there. Look forward to seeing you in the skies soon.
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    When the game starts it should tell you what version it is on the bottom left side in red. If it says 4.07 then the patch didn't unzip right or didn't unzip to the right location. Now some servers on hyperlobby are running 4.09 beta so make sure you're not joining one of those by mistake. If you have trouble unzipping the patch, one thing you can do to take the gueswork out is to unzip it to a separate folder on your desktop, the copy/paste the files to your game folder and choose to overwrite existing files.
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    ~S~ Dan.
    missed playing good fights with ya and aviar, stupid HL issues...


    i cant connect either. mayb that stupid pager glitch? but it just causes an internal error, and crashes HL, and you can connect soon after that.

    i updated from 3.8.95 to 3.9.111- and havent been able to connect to HL since., 2weeks now.

    no admin/hl official to check my status? or whats going on.

    ive uninstalled it, and went back to the original version i had, still nothing.

    nothing has changed since then, no new software or changed settings.

    firewall (all) are allowing HL/il2
    same exact setup for years,

    its definitely a HL issue.
    even renewed my ip.
    next would be to change my mac addy or hardware id,but that suggest an ban from hyperlobby, of which i ddint get any messages stating such, or anything when trying to connect. trys to conn, then says conn closed.
    have posted a section at AAA

    Links to mods are not allowed.

    i dont think i was banned. cuz i wasnt doing anything illegal or against SoP/CoC

    kinda stinks not on HL, or i go to Xfire.
    but i have more fun on MOG servers/coops.
    mayb see you later dan.
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    What exact error are you getting?,sounds like you didnt unistall the old version properly and now they are conflicting,do a comprehensive search of everything HL and delete everything,then try a reinstall.
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