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    i thought this might be intersting to see what the forum thought wich would be best medium bomber between the betty ju88 pe2 he111 and b25 and betty.
    p.s which one most manovable
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    The Ju 88 and Pe 2 were both active in fighter variants, that should explain more than enough. The Ju 88 actually surpassed the Bf 110 as the most effective nightfighter of the Luftwaffe.

    The G4M may have some advantages in terms of agility (assumption based on lightness of construction) and range, but it has earned its nickname as a No.1 lighter.

    Range won't play in the "short range" world of this game series, nor can it bank on being "unknown". The Betty simply lacks the ability to absorb combat damage and fighters will have to escort it and do an effective job, else it will simply be another big target.

    The He 111 will only be marginally better than the Betty judged by these terms, although having more staying power, it still needs effective cover of fighters.

    The B-25 offers perhaps the best mix of being an effective level bomber wich can defend itself and absorb a great amount of damage.

    I think that the Mitchell wins in terms of the classic going in unescorted AGAINST enemy fighter opposition.

    The Ju 88 and Pe2 rely on their relative speed, not the ability to defend themselves, so although I rate them both higher in general ability as aircraft, the Mitchell wins as a medium bomber, especially when judged in gaming terms.

    So Mitchell as medium bomber, but the Ju 88 and Pe2 as multi-role aircraft. But we are forgetting another nice multi-role aircraft: the A-20.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Ruy Horta:
    But we are forgetting another nice multi-role aircraft: the A-20. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    And it kicks ****!
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    And Don't forget the (Crosses fingers) Mosquito! That baby is gonna be one Bad Mutha Fokker!
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    betty is the best as long as doesnt get hit
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    well b25 has best turrets i think, but pansy bombload of only 3000lbs (1.5 tons)

    he111 can take 4 tons? so can ju88, pe2 can take more, as can mossie

    aggy said pe2 wont have bombsite, many wherent fitted with them, and he couldnt find references

    we only getting fb mossie, and IV mossie will be AI only

    think its ju88, vs b25, ju88 is a more capable bomber, but b25 has the better defensive armament
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    Mossie will be fantastic for its speed, but let's not forget that it was (practically) made out of paper-mache.

    Maybe it was just because air-warfare was new to us Aussies, but not very many RAAF mossies made it home after their missions. In fact most of the stories of daring among Aussie Mossie pilots are of those who actually managed to ditch safely and escape - the most famous being one pilot who arranged transfer of his ditched aircraft on a raft from one of the solomon islands. Australia had so few aircraft that he considered it worth the target he presented in getting it home. Unfortunately, his raft was sunk, and now you can go scuba-dive in the wreck (literally just a skeleton with a cockpit).

    It's a fascinating dive...it's been so overun by coral that it looks like the mossie has been rebuilt from of coral polyps.

    Anyway I'm blabbering

    Junko 'Kimura' Ifurita

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    Ju88 was the best twin from an engineering standpoint...it could do almost everything from night intercept, to minelaying, to dive bombing, torpedo bombing, and level bombing...and all with better performance than the others.

    Mossie was fastest and prettiest though...

    I hope we will get the Pe-2...I have read a little about them but to compare, even in a sim, would be awesome.
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    I'd say B-25. Great defenisve armament for something that size with very useful fields of fire. Reasonably manueverable, heavy bomb load, and its built like a friggin tank.

    The Betty is made out of toilet paper, the he111 has really ackward defesnive positions, and then the Ju88 and pe2 are kind of in a different class than the other three.
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    b25 pretty sturdy with good defensive arment but small bomb load, betty weak but the 20mm rear defensive gun is just plain nasty. Ju88 he111 big bombs strong but no so great defense wise, mossie good looking fast hard to spot on radar winna.
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