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    This is an "Inter-Service" article 15 Bar, where all are welcome, Service, Ex-service, no Service...just remember to duck and roll with the punches.

    In here ALL comments are welcome, service experiences or just your captain storys from SH4. All is done in the spirit of friendship, and we all like to listen to all those experiences... especialy if youre buying the booze .

    Open Bar to all branches EVEN Ground Pounders, Snake Eaters, Jar heads, Squids & Good for nothing Sailors

    Remeber: ZOOMIES RULE !!!


    To all new Skippers,

    welcome to the SH IV forum

    To the others there are already here, well welcome again

    I came to notice that many people here have no Avatar or SIG Banner.

    unfortunatly in this forum it does not come automaticaly...so you have to create one.

    as many people that come here, have no experience with Imaging progr. i decided to land a hand.

    It is inded quiet nice to talk to someone that has an image we can remember.

    so this is how it goes

    Banner N.1

    this is what you get till you make 250 Posts

    you will have your name on it and any numbers on the end will be on blue.

    Banner N.2

    OVER 250 POSTS

    to qualify for the banner you go to the "SKY WALKER" thread and make a post to show how many you have. then you get the Banner

    On this Banner you now have the possibility of starting to personalise it. You can add a screen shot of your liking.

    Banner N.3

    OVER 500 POSTS


    Now you have the possibility of choosing the collor for your name from the examples given, and besides a screnn shot you can also personalise it further by adding an element to the background, whatever you fancy within feasibility.

    name collor ex.

    OVER 1000 POSTS

    totally personalised Banner. same rules as before.

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    Originally posted by vietvettwo:
    "Pretty snappy reply from a guy who admits he shot himself in the a## with his own torpedo....hopefully for the hard working tax payers of your country, you never managed to actually shoot yourself down with a Sparrow.

    Got to go bud, the attack will continue tomorrow."
    This does demand a reply and you will get it tomorrow
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    lane2512's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2007
    Here is what my son currently does......and does well I might add
    His most recent 'ride' he had his crew name 'BANE'.

    Me....same......but we didn't have that Cadillac...we had the M60.

    10 years wearing the green. Don't regret a minute of it.
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    Wicked piece of machinery...that has got to something of a ride...never rode in one all tho...i`m afraid i only know "crates"
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    Viet is picking a "fight" with us go read...now i go hit the sack, see you tomorrowcheck it out
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    lane2512's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2007
    Jet turbine engine......
    Gun stable and locked on target at 60mph.

    You.......look fella......flying around in the sky ain't natural. (a Navy fly-boy got my butt out of a pickel once.....wish I knew that fella's name).

    Cheers Blue.
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    Zoomies rule, the rest drool.

    `Nuff said...

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    Wonderful, we've added a thread-head to the mix. What's that high pitched whine I hear?...oh it's just George S. Patton spinning in his grave.

    Do you find it odd that even though the number of people responding here is small, there are no squids posting? I wonder if any active or ex-naval types are playing the game.

    BTW, have to follow up with the surgeon tomorrow, hopefully can get back to work soon, but I've got to thank you guys for helping to keep me sane(?). You have to admit, it's the most fun we've had on this forum for awhile.
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    lane2512's Avatar Senior Member
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    It doesn't matter if you wear the Anchor, the Globe, the Eagle, or the Wings.......
    we may beat the crud out of each other in the bars but we all are watching each others backs anyplace else!

    But all that touchy feely stuff aside.......
    ************GO CAVALRY!************
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    See, now you put me on the spot we spent a lot of time working out of cav forward bases, so I have some found memories of the boys with the gold stripe (as well as the Aussies in general as well as a bunch of ROK's that literally saved our a#@'s on night). But, I'll get over it.
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