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    Originally posted by Deepbluewolf:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Senta a Pua, DBW?
    No thats brasil..hold on ill get mine here.


    A buddy from over at the pub speaks Portugese, and works with
    the 1st in Brazil.

    Hence my confusion.

    OK, poor excuse, but it's 01:30 here, and my brain quit
    around midnight.

    Cool logos!
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    no prob. where you at? im close to osnaburck germany.and its 10.39 gmt+1
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    Spokane, Washington, US of A! West Coast.

    10 minutes before 2AM, and I just GOTTA sneak into Wake island's
    harbor before going to bed.

    I just GOTTA!

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    read you loud and clear.
    roger and out.
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    @vietvettwo: "knee deep navy"? We preferred the term puddle pirates or, The Coast Guard, that small nucleus which the navy revolves around in time of war. We actually carried a Jolly Roger on board and depending on the circumstances, the CO would order it hoisted below the national ensign. That man had a sense of humor.

    One funny (sad) sub story I can relate happened on a training exercise in the Tongue of the Ocean with a Navy hunter/killer. After finding, tracking (term used loosely as the sub was running circles around us) and an hour of high speed (low 30's) ASW maneuvers we looked at the CCTV monitor on the bridge. Someone in CIC had put a sign in front of the camera which read 45+ktsWTF. Needless to say the exercise was over. I guess the navy had had enough. The sad fact is we would have been dead before we arrived had the scenario been real.
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    i know how that feel`s i was "killed" once in a Nato exercice even before i left the runway...the base failed to "see" 2 low level intruders, that had me locked not even half way down the runway i would hate to think it could happen for real...
    got any pics? post them here.
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    Well regardless of what branch or for what country we all fondly remember that SNAFU when you just wanna say 'RUN!'

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    I had to grab myself not to pee on my pants laughing...
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    What a shame I don't know how to post pictures. But then again, I'm only a moddest Piper 28 flyer.

    I love flying, but I'd get bored if I had to fly for a living.

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