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    Pints on me vietvettwo......
    Tell that doc you got backup
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    Hey Viet is right...where are the squids? Met a couple of them at the "Water survival course" in florida...pretty cool stuff they do...they did help me out to...man they really give it to "us" there, it does not mater where youre from...if youre a jockey...they have it in for you it was a nice holiday of 2 weecks for me... went out at night only once with a couple of Dutch fly boys and a couple of squids that did the honors of showing us around Pensacola....man they did have strange taste for Bar`s and by the amount of liquid they ingested i think they also needed to get wet inside in order to keep alive...a squid thing I guess
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    My usual hangout, a bunch of reformed ex-Ubi types from 5
    years ago, is over run with `em!

    Active duty and prior service, they're just rampant at
    The Pilot's Pub. Be very quiet,
    lest they hear us...
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    My last bird, F 16 AM

    Drool... oh insignificant specs of dust in the distance, lo and behold at the marvel of true freedom...for from the air comes your Doom.

    Falcoes de Portugal(Portuguese Hawks)
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    Cool place...yeah...i hear you...squids, jarheads, scrambled brains, Horsetails....theyre everywhere...like a plage...
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    Senta a Pua, DBW?
    No thats brasil..hold on ill get mine here.

    The first is from the air base and operational group
    the last is from the squadron
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    Gee, all I ever did was jump out of airplanes, find a nice spot to set up, watch very carefully until my target showed up then....

    Long distance, next best thing to being there.

    One thing, gentleman, planes, tanks, choppers, etc are all well and good. But, you have to get out of them sometime, and when you do, one guy like me, with a JAR and a scope can really spoil your day.
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    hmmmm...i was wondering where all the Jarheads were...allways hidding...mmmm
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    And this is me Flying a T-6 for an air show, the pic is from 1998 we were flying the old Ladys for the EXPO-98 in Lisbon

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