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    What's gonna be the title of the next Splinter Cell installment (the sixth part)?? Solid rumors earlier reported that its gonna be ''Retribution'' but recently, from a leaked pic, it is seen to be named ''Broken Arrow'' but that might well be some working title...

    Does anyone of you know for sure what the actual title is??
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    Don't really believe that it's any point in discussing this if you are truly looking for the real answer, cause I believe that there is none.
    I don't know the process for picking a name for a game but I'm almost 100% sure that they don't do it this early of the game development.
    If you only are looking for a topic to discuss you've chosen a great topic.
    why do you believe those two will be possible names for the next part?
    I myself don't even have a guess to but here
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    I'd love to speculate on the next title, unfortunately UBI is as tight lipped about it as Valve is on EP3. I'm a long time fan of Sam Fisher since the first game, played each one many times over since then. I loved Chaos Theory so much that I started digging into it, and stumbled across this peice written by an ex-Chaos Theory writer, a very interesting look into the thought process back in 2005, something I hope is not lost in current UBI management (no offense).
    This Clint guy has since left UBI, and can be followed!/clicknothing
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