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Also, if you find a broken link, let a moderator know or contact the person credited for it.


Whisperer's Mission Maker Tutorial

The SHIV Guide by tambor198

JSGME - Generic Mod Enabler v2.6.0 (8 August 2010)

Mod Installation Step by Step by dgrayson

Commander's Office Customization Instructions by lane2512

Guide to Completing Missions in SH4 by Beeryus

Manual TDC - A tutorial for newbies by yngvef

Speed determination made easy by yngvef

O'Kane and Fast-90 tutorials by RockinRobbins


'Mods' - unofficial modifications created by SH4 enthusiasts to enhance specific aspects of the game such as graphics, models, sounds, interface controls, etc.

There's a growing number of mods for SH4. Before you install a mod, bear in mind that future patches for SH4 will probably not work unless you remove any mods before patching. If you use JSGME (link above) it will simplify the process of installing and un-installing your mods.

Mod Collections (supermods)

Silent Hunter 4 version 1.5 : Trigger Maru Overhauled 2.5 by Ducimus

Trigger Maru (Overhauled) with Training Wheels for versions 1.4 and 1.5 - an entry-level version of Trigger Maru, edited by dgrayson

Real Fleet Boat (RFB) version 2.0 by swdw973

Fall of the rising Sun for SH4 V1.5 by AOTD MadMax

Other Mods

Pacific environment for ROW by kriller2

Reflections on the water (ROW) by Jaketoox / Kriller2 / LeoVampire / l3th4l

Surface draft and dive time mod + more (beta) release by swdw973

Gato Interior overhaul by Ducimus

Christmas Songs for the Gramophone by Yooperbacker

Gramophone Mods by Yooperbacker and dgrayson

Photo Recon Mission Fix Mod by dgrayson

Webster's Mods by Webster63

Mobius22 Mods Link Thread by Morbius22

US Medals Fix by CapnScurvy

Captain's Desk Photos Mods by fred8615

Radio Stations and Music Mods by fred8615

<LI> BBC Radio Mod by dgrayson

TranAtlantic Radio Mod by ZKMT Mod Group

SH4 mods at


Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) - helps to install, uninstall and manage game mods - remember to read the instructions thoroughly (also see Mod Installation Step by Step by dgrayson)

PDF Draft Charts for Japanese Warships and Merchants (updated! 07 March 2008) by Yooperbacker

CapnScurvy's (handheld) Merchant Speed Calculator

CapnScurvy's (handheld) Angle On The Bow (AOB) Calculator - CapnScurvy's website also has a tutorial on Navigation Map Plotting when using High Realism settings. This tutorial, along with the AOB Calculator, should aid in manual plotting of target ships.

Imperial Navy Ship Recognition Manual by centred75

sh4speech - voice command for SH4! by minsc_tdp1976

SubRon 14 (Forum)

"We have formed a submarine squadron known as SubRon 14 and have 48 members since we laid our keel in mid February. Some of us are already actively patrolling and sinking Japanese shipping, while others are still learning how to play Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific."

Submarine Squadron Eight
Click Here
Subron 8

We are a growing, friendly community with a regularly updated tonnage scoring system and teamspeak server. Give us a try!

Capt. Trainzmainiac
Submarine Squadron 16
Commanding Officer

SH4 100K Club

For Skippers who manage to sink 100,000 tons of enemy shipping in a single patrol.
Click Here


Choose a real WW2 sub name for your SH4 boat


Historically Inaccurate Medals and Planes (statement from Ubisoft)


Capt Geo's Submarine Websites Thread

Scale Model Sites